Suicide, assault, abuse, sexual assault

It’s hard to deny that media shapes our culture and our societal norms. Consequently the entertainment industry has a responsibility to uphold. But money motivates them, not morals, we know this.

Be that as it may, entertainment largely influences what we accept or reject in society. We’ve seen this simultaneously evolve and devolve (depending on your perspective) our culture over time.

“Sidenote: super wild how as soon as the media stopped showing the protests, it felt like the protests stopped when in reality they’re still very prominent. Something to be said there about perception, media influence & control, how easily warped narratives can feel like reality.”


When I watch old movies, I can’t help but notice one painfully obvious detail in those films that lacks in modern film and television. The treatment of women has always been patriarchal. However, over the decades the way in which control over women was exhibited has changed dramatically.

We look to film entertainment to know what’s trending, what’s popular, what’s acceptable. The industry has a strong history of normalizing things that previously were not embraced. This includes concepts, behaviors and actions.

A great example of this would be smoking. Marlboro funded multiple studios when they were launching that brand, all in an attempt to normalize smoking and integrate it into mainstream culture.

The film industry largely dictates out beauty standards. Anyone old enough to remember Friends when it was on the air can speak to the popularity of “The Rachel” haircut women all over America were getting.

“Singer Duffy Writes Letter Calling For The Removal Of Netflix Film ‘365 Days’; Says Film “Glamorizes The Brutal Reality Of Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping, And Rape””

The Next Step

To its credit, the studios have also been dominantly responsible for positive social changes. We are now more aware of the issues the blind and Deaf communities face. Not as aware as we could be, but it’s a step in the direction we want to go.

Don’t let the media fool you, you’re worth so much more than what you can offer physically and aesthetically.

I’d love to know…
What is the strangest beauty trend you can name?

“an update on 13 reasons why: we’re too money hungry to pull the show completely so we’re going to remove the scene from 2 years ago to make it look like we remotely care about the mental health of our viewers and the people who pay for our service”