Homophobia, assault, abuse, murder, transphobia, misoogynoir, racism

Bigots will always respond to new knowledge and ultimately change, from a place of hate and fear. This is why homophobic straight pride organizers exist and moan about a Gay Supremacy taking over. Interestingly, they used to call it The Gay Agenda. New name, same bigotry.

This got me thinking of what a Gay Supremacy would probably look like. So, when you consider the community’s experiences in America, I feel confident in a few outcomes.


?️‍? =the most targeted group of hate crimes

? hate speech would be illegal and both hate speech and hate crimes would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law 

this would make EVERYONE safer

Ending homelessness

?️‍? =40% of homeless youth

? the homelessness epidemic would be resolved through redistributing the fallout from the housing crisis of 2008…or the next housing crisis that’s right around the corner

this would create a stronger economy for everyone 

Sex education

?️‍? = at least 12 states either don’t discuss, or discuss ?️‍? sex ed negatively 

? comprehensive sex ed would be taught in schools, and would include ?️‍? curriculum 

this would reduce the number of teen pregnancies

Banning torture

?️‍? =although APA has condemned conversion therapy, approximately 80,000 kids will be subjected to it in their teen years

? conversion therapy for anyone would be illegal and criminally prosecuted

this would prevent physical, emotional and psychological damage from occurring to ANY targeted groups-including religious groups

Outlawing employment and housing discrimination

?️‍? =in 30 states employers can fire someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity & in 28 states housing discrimination is legal 

? equal opportunity laws would be created and upheld for both jobs and housing 

this in turn creates a more stable and robust economy

Public access

?️‍?. =a mere handful of states have passed legislation allowing trans people to use the bathroom they deserve to

? bathrooms would be used for their intended function and not announcing your gender for others to critique 

public access is a basic human right and this would promote equality for all in this arena

Medical care

?️‍? =health insurers in 37 states can legally discriminate based on sexual and gender identity

? healthcare would not be discriminatory and legislation would be passed to make it so

this would provide better healthcare for ALL marginalized groups

Abolishing the prison industrial complex

?️‍? =More than 200,000 youth and adults are subjected to sexual abuse in prison, jails and juvenile detention centres. Also, the ?️‍? American population has an incarceration rate of 3x that of heterosexual counterparts. They represent 20% of the juvenile detention population. This is despite the fact that they represent only 4% of the national population.

? prison and justice reform. A focus on equitably persecuting individuals and if convicted, a rehabilitative approach instead of mere punishment, as well as protection for trans prisoners

this would dramatically reduce the number of people who re-offend (from 80% to an estimated 20%). This would also remove over-representation of minority groups in the prison system

You cannot reasonably think that all of this doesn’t sound like a better, more equitable and inclusive version of America. One that benefits nearly ALL Americans, especially compared to the current Trump version.

The spectrum of sexuality

Sexuality is a complicated spectrum. It’s possible your sexuality will change over the course of your lifetime. And maybe more than once. Again, don’t pressure yourself to fit into a box or ascribe to a label.

It’s important to note that sexual orientation and sexuality are not the same thing. The former is who you are as a person, the latter is what you like sexually. At the same time, both can change through the course of your life and that’s totally normal.

In fact, researchers “have found that women of all sexual orientations were more likely than heterosexual and gay men to become sexually stimulated in response to erotic images of both women and men, in heterosexual and homosexual coitus.

At the same time, “men became sexually aroused only by depictions that corresponded with their sexual orientations.” Dispels a lot of assumptions heteronormative society makes doesn’t it? Clearly, we have a lot left to learn about sexuality.

If you’re unsure of your sexuality, there’s no rush to “figure it out.” And there’s no need to feel badly if you change the sexuality label you identify with along the way. In fact, learning more about the range of the spectrum might help you pursue further self exploration.

Sexualities we know of so far

A- romantic/sexual: does not experience romantic/sexual attraction towards anyone

G- romantic/sexual: rarely experiences romantic/sexual attraction towards anyone

Demi- romantic/sexual: experiences romantic/sexual attraction towards someone only after developing a very strong bond

Hetero- romantic/sexual l: experience romantic/sexual attraction towards gender(s) other than their own

Homo- romantic/sexual: experience romantic/sexual attraction towards the same gender as their own

Bi- romantic/sexual: experience romantic/sexual attraction towards the same gender as well as to other gender(s) than their own

Pan- romantic/sexual: experience romantic/sexual attraction towards all genders

Poly- romantic/sexual: experience romantic/sexual attraction towards multiple (not not necessarily all) genders 

It’s complicated

If you’ve spent time learning about sexuality, none of this should come as a surprise. Sexuality is complex. With any complex subject, there will be people who choose not to learn about it and hold fast to their ignorance about it. If considering any sexualities beyond hetero enrages someone, they’re not likely to listen or learn about just how broad the spectrum is.

The need to brand a social movement towards equity for everyone as some distorted form of false oppression is absurd. Labeling anyone’s efforts to obtain rights that other groups already have is absolutely not a “Supremacy.” 

Supremacy would be where one group has rights that no one else does. And not only do they refuse to share those rights with everyone else, they have systems in place and actively work to ensure they’re the only benefactors of said rights. You know, kinda like how heterosexual privilege works?

The Next Step

Use your vote to create an inclusive America. Yes I realize the options are grim for the two front runners. That’s why it’s all the more important to invest the time in educating yourself about your local government. Do those politicians represent your values? If not, support people who do. Or better yet, run yourself if you’re able to. 

Significant and lasting change only happens over time, never overnight. Unfortunately dismantling the current voting system and rebuilding it to be a legitimately fair system will take time. However, your vote at the local level will result in a more immediate change that directly impacts you. Its the necessary foundation of the new system we are working towards. 

I’d love to know…

What advice do you have for someone looking to discover their sexuality?

What other perks would there be to a Gay Supremacy?

When was the last time you voted locally? Have you ever? Would you consider it for the next election?