Mass murder, assault, abuse, racism

Let’s talk about the justice system in America. More specifically, the prison system. It would be a mistake to call the system a broken one. It isn’t. It’s working exactly how WP in positions of power designed it to; by oppressing BIPOC and profiting in the process.

Prisons haven’t always been privatized, but they have always been profitable. You need to ask yourself some critical questions. Among them, why are prisons built at an alarming rate and filling up at a breakneck pace

Consider this

Why are judges handing down exceptionally harsh sentences to Black people? Why are certain politicians advocating for tougher laws around certain crimes? How many people are unnecessarily incarcerated? Isn’t it strange that poor people are most likely to go to jail

How is it that we’re allowing police to repeatedly be put on paid leave instead of terminating them when they harm or kill someone? Why are Black people more likely to get shot by police

So many Black people have public defenders, why is that? Ever wondered how it is that WP are not being charged at the same rate as Black people for the same crimes? Why are private prisons paying judges for convictions? Why are they bribing politicians?

How can we explain the alarming rate of Black deaths while in police custody? If racism isn’t the answer, why are Black and WP dying at markedly different rates in prison?

What’s the point?

It’s about overhauling the system entirely so it’s fair and equitable for everyone. This is how the justice system should be, otherwise, we should stop calling it justice. We deserve a justice system that treats everyone equally and impartially. 

How ludicrous is it that we have a justice system that arbitrarily determines people’s punishments based on skin tone? Is it not criminal that a system of justice is privatized and leveraged for profit? How is it possible to do anything but uphold oppression under such a structure?

The Next Step

We cannot morally argue that this is acceptable justice. We cannot reasonably or rationally argue that the system works when it’s been proven it doesn’t. 

The only thing left to do is dismantle it and rebuild it. We do that by voting for politicians who support prison reform. Individuals who have a track record of protecting BIPOC and human rights. Ones with a track record of integrity.