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Tag: self care

Interpersonal, Work & Capitalism

Why you should find a hobby 

On average, far fewer women have hobbies than men. There’s a reason for that. Globally speaking, the unpaid domestic labour that women do annually is valued at over ten trillion dollars. Women spend almost four and a half hours a day completing this form of…

Mental Health

Does likeability matter? 

Be honest, how often have you worried about your likeability? Why do we hold ourselves to a more rigid standard than we hold others? Isn’t it interesting how we can so easily build other people up and tell them all the ways and reasons why…


The hardest lesson I’ve learned in activism 

Activism has afforded me an invaluable education. The lessons regarding human rights issues are as endless as the solutions. Self-reflection is critical for personal growth and is something we should all practice as frequently as possible. A significant part of that reflection involves pondering not…

Abuse & Assault, Mental Health

Why You Have Low Self Esteem 

TRIGGER WARNING Childhood abuse and trauma Why do so many adults suffer from low self-worth and low self-esteem? That can’t possibly be something that happens overnight as we enter adulthood. Could emotional abuse be the explanation? With that in mind, it made sense to me…

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