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Tag: rape culture

Healthcare, Mental Health

The problem with “mom bods” 

There’s a stigma around having a “mom bod,” but why? There’s nothing wrong with pregnancy, or delivery, or breastfeeding. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with post natal recovery, whatever that looks like physically and emotionally. Shaming others about things they cannot easily change about themselves really…

Abuse & Assault

How rape culture thrives in the West 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault Time and time again I talk to people who deny that there is a rape culture in The West. This is because their expectation of what it looks like versus the reality of what it actually is are two…

Education, Interpersonal

Why media has a public responsibility 

TRIGGER WARNING Suicide, assault, abuse, sexual assault It’s hard to deny that media shapes our culture and our societal norms. Consequently the entertainment industry has a responsibility to uphold. But money motivates them, not morals, we know this. Be that as it may, entertainment largely…

Abuse & Assault, Interpersonal

Who’s responsible for our rape culture? 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault We’re conditioned to believe that someone’s outward appearance is a reflection of their inward value. This has been a convenient way to permit and often encourage or support the mistreatment of people, often times women. It is also one…

Abuse & Assault, Self Assessments

5 signs you live in a rape culture 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault This is the condensed version of the article, for the entire piece, click here. Virgin/slut shaming & victim blaming Slut shaming involves criticizing someone for how many sexual partners they have had, or a perception about their sexual experience…

Abuse & Assault

About those false rape allegations… 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault We need to talk about false rape allegations. But it won’t be the conversation you’re used to hearing. These are some of a number of reasons why I have formed a pretty unpopular position when it comes to sexual assault…

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