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Tag: racism


Racism & white guilt 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, genocide, racism We uncovered the fundamentals of what racism looks like when we say all white people are racist. If you missed the foundational post on this concept, you might want to backtrack before reading on. Now let’s look into predictable reactions…

Climate Crisis

Why veganism is an intersectional feminist issue 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism From a purely economic standpoint animals are incredibly expensive to grow. 50% of the world’s antibiotics are used for animals. 91% of deforestation is for animal agriculture. There are more statistics but I’m sure you understand…

Law & Policing

The American justice system is legalized, lethal racism 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, assault, abuse, racism Let’s talk about the justice system in America. More specifically, the prison system. It would be a mistake to call the system a broken one. It isn’t. It’s working exactly how WP in positions of power designed it to; by…

Law & Policing

The problem with religion 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, Islamophobia, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism Religion, specifically Islam, and law have a tumultuous recent history in Canada. It’s a complicated issue. Sharia law in Ontario is a controversial topic for many Canadians, both Muslim and non. I disagree with Sharia…


American people of color aren’t hyphens 

The whiteness of our world is implied by the lack of addressing it. Have you ever wondered why we call white people ‘white people’ but for every other race we specify where their peoples originated? Why don’t we refer to WP as European-Americans? Or British-Americans?…

Law & Policing

When will Trump declare martial law? 

TRIGGER WARNING Police brutality, racism America is on the cusp of what happens to all developing countries when they want radical change. The government attempts to control the people in an extreme way, likely martial law here. Then the people revolt and overthrow their government….


The most troubling way education has failed us 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, genocide, racism, sexism There’s a massive hole in our formal education. Of all the things we learn about in school, racism is loudly absent from the curricula. Yet it’s everywhere in society. Why don’t we learn about it in the classroom?…


Compelling reasons to abolish Columbus Day 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, genocide, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism Columbus committed genocide against Caribbean people and that isn’t even all he did to them. His atrocities are a lot to take in at once. I sat with this one for a long time because…


How all white people are racist, yes even you 

TRIGGER WARNING Racism For me, discussions about racism most often involve other white people. Discussing racism itself doesn’t upset them. Considering the repercussions of racism for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) doesn’t cause much -if any- distress either. But, more often than not…


All white people uphold white supremacy 

TRIGGER WARNING Racism All white people uphold white supremacy and we do this in a myriad of ways. Remember the advice, treat others how you want to be treated? It seems we white people often forget that when it comes to hearing about race issues. …

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