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Tag: poverty

Work & Capitalism

How a universal basic income could save America 

Universal basic income has a few different names depending on what country you were speaking about. But the concept behind it remains the same. In short, it is a guaranteed income for every citizen regardless of their job income or their gender.  The only factor…


Why education is a global issue 

I would argue the single largest global issue the world is facing is a lack of education. Yes, this connects directly to other global issues such as poverty and climate change. We’ve already talked about how the public education system is failing but consider the…


Divorce & Dating; it’s not what you think 

TRIGGER WARNING Domestic violence, assault, abuse, sexual assault Recently there’s been a lot of talk about how dating, marriage, and divorce have changed. At least in the West. There seems to be a celebratory air under a misguided perception. People are of the impression that…

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