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Tag: politics

Law & Policing

When will Trump declare martial law? 

TRIGGER WARNING Police brutality, racism America is on the cusp of what happens to all developing countries when they want radical change. The government attempts to control the people in an extreme way, likely martial law here. Then the people revolt and overthrow their government….


The Gay Supremacy 

TRIGGER WARNING Homophobia, assault, abuse, murder, transphobia, misoogynoir, racism Bigots will always respond to new knowledge and ultimately change, from a place of hate and fear. This is why homophobic straight pride organizers exist and moan about a Gay Supremacy taking over. Interestingly, they used…


Why education is a global issue 

I would argue the single largest global issue the world is facing is a lack of education. Yes, this connects directly to other global issues such as poverty and climate change. We’ve already talked about how the public education system is failing but consider the…

Work & Capitalism

Why Trump’s racism should concern his racist base 

TRIGGER WARNING Racism, sexism, classism Many Trump supporters will defend his racism by praising his politics. Which are not even mediocre on the best of days. Naturally, saying this is not a strong position to take in an argument is an understatement. Nevertheless, Trumpers use…

Activism, Interpersonal

Why it’s not about the opposition 

It’s easy to focus on the opposition in a debate and fail to realize that it’s not about them. This sounds strange to read. But we live in the age of information and misinformation. It’s easy for people to share their opinion without doing any…

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