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Tag: personal growth


Why he will never pick you 

For most of my life, I emulated internalized misogyny at nearly every turn. Even now I still find glimpses of it in my thoughts from time to time. And this is after years of active work to rid myself of that particular brand of toxicity….

Interpersonal, Mental Health

Why do you eat like that? 

TRIGGER WARNING Eating disorders Most of us were taught unhealthy eating habits from childhood. Mine was: you can’t leave the table until you finish your plate. This naturally led to a precarious relationship with food. Consequently, it’s taken me years to cultivate one that’s more…


The hardest lesson I’ve learned in activism 

Activism has afforded me an invaluable education. The lessons regarding human rights issues are as endless as the solutions. Self-reflection is critical for personal growth and is something we should all practice as frequently as possible. A significant part of that reflection involves pondering not…

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