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Tag: patriarchy

Interpersonal, Work & Capitalism

Why you should find a hobby 

On average, far fewer women have hobbies than men. There’s a reason for that. Globally speaking, the unpaid domestic labour that women do annually is valued at over ten trillion dollars. Women spend almost four and a half hours a day completing this form of…

Education, Interpersonal

Why media has a public responsibility 

TRIGGER WARNING Suicide, assault, abuse, sexual assault It’s hard to deny that media shapes our culture and our societal norms. Consequently the entertainment industry has a responsibility to uphold. But money motivates them, not morals, we know this. Be that as it may, entertainment largely…

Mental Health

To shave or not to shave? 

Shaving is a time consuming endeavor for anyone who participates in it. Especially if they seek to maintain smooth, hairless skin daily. A patriarchal society does cause you to consider if the beauty standards you participate in are ones you genuinely want to be a…

Work & Capitalism

Why The Wage Gap Is Not a Myth 

The figure used to articulate that there is, in fact, a wage gap varies by source. While everyone who understands the issue agrees there is a gap, what the exact figure is has not reached a consensus.  The problem with the wage gap issue is…

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