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Tag: parenting

Healthcare, Mental Health

The problem with “mom bods” 

There’s a stigma around having a “mom bod,” but why? There’s nothing wrong with pregnancy, or delivery, or breastfeeding. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with post natal recovery, whatever that looks like physically and emotionally. Shaming others about things they cannot easily change about themselves really…

Interpersonal, Mental Health

Why do you eat like that? 

TRIGGER WARNING Eating disorders Most of us were taught unhealthy eating habits from childhood. Mine was: you can’t leave the table until you finish your plate. This naturally led to a precarious relationship with food. Consequently, it’s taken me years to cultivate one that’s more…

Healthcare, Interpersonal

When are you having kids? 

TRIGGER WARNING Fertility struggles When I got married, the first and only thing people wanted to ask me about was when I was having a baby. No one asked my new husband that. Not once.But no one asked me about anything else. Not about how…

Abuse & Assault, Mental Health

Why You Have Low Self Esteem 

TRIGGER WARNING Childhood abuse and trauma Why do so many adults suffer from low self-worth and low self-esteem? That can’t possibly be something that happens overnight as we enter adulthood. Could emotional abuse be the explanation? With that in mind, it made sense to me…

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