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How online dating becoming problematic was inevitable 

TRIGGER WARNING Murder, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism, homophobia Most would agree that online dating has become problematic in some regards. It’s allowed us to connect with people far and wide. In exchange, we surrender a degree of privacy and even more concerning, safety. How…


Recognizing Rainbow Capitalism 

Rainbow Capitalism (also called Pink Capitalism) sounds much more innocent and positive than it is. It calls into question the authenticity of the support brands lend when the rainbow flags come out for 30 some odd days and then fade away into the background until…


Why we need to normalize platonic intimacy in the West 

TRIGGER WARNING Homophobia One thing that pleasantly surprised me when I moved from Canada to China was the platonic intimacy here. It refocused my perspective on how homophobia manifests in the West. Specifically Canada and the US, and how touch starved and lonely most people…

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