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Tag: growth

Mental Health

Does likeability matter? 

Be honest, how often have you worried about your likeability? Why do we hold ourselves to a more rigid standard than we hold others? Isn’t it interesting how we can so easily build other people up and tell them all the ways and reasons why…

Activism, Education, Self Assessments

Are you thinking critically? 

A term I hear tossed around a lot is ‘critical thinking’. But what exactly does that look like? To start off with, it involves the strengthening of five key skills; communication, open-mindedness, problem-solving, analysis and creativity. As this is a skillset, we can improve and…

Interpersonal, Mental Health

How emotionally intelligent are you? 

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can take a lifetime to fully develop. It’s important to understand common manipulation tactics and their use. This can help you better avoid engaging with people who use them. It can also shed light into your own emotional responses…

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