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Kittens~ PLA Bento Box with Band and Utensils

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Kittens~ PLA Bento Box with Band and Utensils



Introducing The Feminist Project’s PLA Bento Box – A Lunchtime Revolution!

Tired of single-use plastics clogging our planet? Yearning for a lunchtime companion that’s as eco-conscious as you are? Look no further, because The Feminist Project has crafted the ultimate solution: the PLA Bioplastic Bento Box. But wait, PLA doesn’t just stand for “personalized lunch accessory” – it signifies something far more impactful.

PLA, short for polylactic acid, is a groundbreaking bioplastic derived from renewable plant starches. That’s right, it’s a lunchbox that champions both style and sustainability. Say goodbye to harmful plastics and embrace a guilt-free lunch experience!

Eco-Friendly Marvel
Crafted from 100% black PLA bioplastic, our bento box is not just eco-conscious but also bisourced and biodegradable. Every bite you take is a step toward a greener planet.

The Perfect Fit
With dimensions of 7.4″ x 5.1″ x 2.3″ (18.8cm x 13cm x 5.8cm), this bento box provides ample room for your culinary creations. Whether it’s a savory salad, a hearty sandwich, or a medley of snacks, it’ll fit snugly and stylishly.

Secure and Stylish
We’ve thought of everything! The PLA Bioplastic Bento Box includes a sturdy rubber band to keep all your mouthwatering creations securely in place. No spills, no fuss, just pure convenience.

Utensils Included
Don’t worry about forgetting your utensils – we’ve got you covered. Inside, you’ll find PLA bioplastic utensils that complete your eco-friendly lunchtime setup.

Tactile Excellence
Our bento box features a stipple print texture, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily dining. It’s not just a lunchbox; it’s a statement piece.

Please Note:
Our PLA Bioplastic Bento Box is not suitable for liquids or microwaving, and the utensils may bend when in contact with hot food. We recommend handwashing for optimal care.

Join The Feminist Project in the fight against plastic waste and make a statement with your lunch. Embrace the future of sustainable dining with our PLA Bioplastic Bento Box. It’s not just a lunchbox; it’s a symbol of your commitment to a greener, cleaner world.

Upgrade your lunch game today and become a part of the movement. Get your PLA Bioplastic Bento Box now and make every meal a step toward a brighter, more sustainable future!

7.4″ x 5.1″ x 2.3″
Width, in 7.40
Height, in 5.12
Depth, in 2.28


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