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If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher GREEN ~ Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt

If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher GREEN ~ Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt



Introducing The Feminist Project’s Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt – where style meets substance, and equality takes center stage. Crafted with utmost care and dedication, this tee is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of empowerment, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Our commitment to the planet is as strong as our dedication to gender equality. That’s why this shirt is made from 100% combed organic cotton, ensuring that it feels as good on your skin as it does on your conscience. The light fabric is perfect for year-round comfort, allowing you to wear your beliefs with ease, whether it’s a warm summer day or a brisk autumn afternoon.

The relaxed fit offers versatility and comfort for all body types, making it the ideal addition to any wardrobe. Plus, the sewn-in labels ensure a scratch-free experience, so you can wear this tee with confidence from dawn to dusk.

We take pride in our commitment to ethical practices, which is why our Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt proudly bears the Fair Wear, PETA, and GOTS certifications. Fair Wear certification ensures fair labor conditions for those who craft your tee, while PETA certification guarantees it’s entirely cruelty-free. As for the GOTS certification, it attests to the organic and sustainable nature of our materials.


Wondering about sizing? No worries – our Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt runs true to size, so you can order with confidence knowing it’ll fit just right.

With every purchase, you’re not just getting a fabulous tee; you’re supporting a movement. The Feminist Project stands for equality, justice, and the empowerment of all. Wear your values, wear your beliefs, and wear your Unisex Classic Jersey T-shirt with pride. Join the movement today and be part of the change you want to see in the world.

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Length, in 26.77 27.56 28.35 29.13 29.92 30.71 31.50 32.28 33.07


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