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Activism, Interpersonal

Why it’s worth debating basic human rights 

Something has always struck me as deeply unsettling when advocating for human rights. The fact that some individuals see this as an opportunity for debate is deeply disturbing to reflect on. Some people genuinely think speculating on whether or not marginalized groups should have specific…

Activism, Interpersonal

How to debate successfully (part 2) 

Now that you’ve learned the foundational part of debating, let’s continue to expand. The ultimate goal is to educate people on their blind spots. And to open their mind to views they presently oppose. As mentioned in part one, this entire experience demands emotional labour…

Abuse & Assault, Law & Policing

Policing: reforming a culture of brutality 

TRIGGER WARNING Racism, assault, abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, gun violence There are nearly endless options when it comes to resolving the issue of militarized policing and police brutality in America. Fortunately, they range. From simple solutions you can support directly and immediately. To more…

Activism, Interpersonal

How to debate successfully (part 1) 

Debating is a skill like any other and takes time to develop and then fine tune. The task becomes easier when we keep a few mental notes top of mind. Look at controversial conversations with friends, family and peers as opportunities. They are. They’re a…


Supporting Men’s Rights Activists 

TRIGGER WARNING Suicide, mental health The feminist movement was started by white women as an effort to provide white women with the same rights that white man already had. This later changed to include all women, and the focus of the movement shifted over time….

Education, Interpersonal

Why media has a public responsibility 

TRIGGER WARNING Suicide, assault, abuse, sexual assault It’s hard to deny that media shapes our culture and our societal norms. Consequently the entertainment industry has a responsibility to uphold. But money motivates them, not morals, we know this. Be that as it may, entertainment largely…

Abuse & Assault, Interpersonal

Who’s responsible for our rape culture? 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault We’re conditioned to believe that someone’s outward appearance is a reflection of their inward value. This has been a convenient way to permit and often encourage or support the mistreatment of people, often times women. It is also one…