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Article: Misogynoir in Medical Media:On Caster Semenya and R. Kelly

Book: Misogynoir in Canadian News Media: From BLMTO to Marci Ien

Book: Trafficking and Women of Color: Hidden in Plain Sight

Report: The Movement that Cancelled R. Kelly

Paper: From pictures to practice: the abuse of the black female body

Paper: Say Their Names: Black Feminist Thought and the Power Elite

Paper: Tweeting Away Our Blues: An Interpretative Phenomenological Approach to Exploring Black Women’s Use of Social Media to Combat Misogynoir

Paper: A Black Girl’s Song Misogynoir, Love, and Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Book: Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color

Book: Sex Trafficking and Black Girls: Breaking the Code of Silence in Schools and in Our Community

Book: Talkin’ Back: Raising and Educating Resilient Black Girls

Book: Smart and Sassy: The Strengths of Inner-City Black Girls

Study: Differences in Medical Care and Disease Outcomes Among Black and White Women With Heart Disease

Study: Black–White Differences in Hysterectomy Prevalence: The CARDIA Study


Book: Employment for Professional Black Women in the Twentieth Century

Report: Employment, Motherhood, and School Continuation Decisions of Young White, Black, and Hispanic Women

Journal: Black/White Differences in Schooling and Employment

Journal: The Modern Mammy and the Angry Black Man: African American Professionals’ Experiences with Gendered Racism in the Workplace

Book: Beyond Racism and Misogyny Black Feminism and 2 Live Crew

Book: Black British Feminism

Book: Double Burden: Black Women and Everyday Racism

Paper: “There’s no struggle like a Black girl struggle”: Black college women and their experiences with gendered racial microaggressions at a predominately white institution

Study: Gendered Racial Microaggressions and Coping in Black Women

Paper: Black Women Matter: Assessing Scales to Examine Minority Stress and Intersectional Microaggression

Paper: How Racial Microaggressions Impact the Mental Health of Black Women of Different Occupational Prestige

Paper: “But I’m not allowed to be mad” : how writing helps black women cope with the angry black woman stereotype and microaggressive experiences

Paper: Gendered Racial Socialization as a Moderator of the Relations Between Gendered Racial Microaggressions and Traumatic Stress Symptoms for Black Women

Paper: Construction and initial validation of the gendered racial microaggressions scale: an exploration among black women

Study: Effects of gendered racial microaggressions on the mental health of black women