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Article: 8 Myths and Atrocities About Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day

Journal: First Nations, Residential Schools, and the Americanization of the Holocaust: Rewriting Indigenous History in the United States and Canada

Journal: Indigenous Assimilation and Absorption in the United States and Australia

Article: Honoring Indigenous Resistance Day, Exposing Colonial Crimes

Article: Truth and Reconciliation Commission: By the numbers

Journal: Biological Absorption and Genocide: A Comparison of Indigenous Assimilation Policies in the United States and Australia

Report: A systematic review of suicide prevention interventions targeting indigenous peoples in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand

Journal: Aboriginal Morality in Canada, The United States and New Zealand

Terminology Guide: Research on Aboriginal Heritage

Article: 150 Years of Colonialism, Violence, and Erasure in Canada

Article: A dark legacy: 100+ years of residential schools

Article: Where the kids are: How indigenous children are over-represented in foster care

Journal: Indigenocide and the massacre of Aboriginal history

Paper: Conflict, Politics and Crime: Aboriginal Communities and the Police

Journal: Aboriginal Social Work Education in Canada: Decolonizing Pedagogy for the Seventh Generation

Journal: The Hidden Constitution: Aboriginal Rights in Canada

Journal: Situating Nunavut Education with Indigenous Education in Canada

Paper: A socioecological framework to understand weight-related issues in Aboriginal children in Canada

Paper: Intersections of Indigenous and Environmental History in Canada

Journal: Indigenous Labor and Indigenous History

Journal: Indigenous Educational Attainment in Canada

Article: Making Aboriginal People ‘Immigrants Too’: A Comparison of Citizenship Programs for Newcomers and Indigenous Peoples in Postwar Canada, 1940s–1960s

Journal: Indigenous reconciliation in Australia: do values, identity and collective guilt matter?

Paper: Reflections of Indigenous History inside the National Museums of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand and outside of New Caledonia’s Centre Culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou

Journal: Hiding the bodies: the myth of the humane colonisation of Aboriginal Australia

Fact Sheet: Colonialism and its Impacts

Journal: The Genocide Question and Indian Residential Schools in Canada

Journal: Blaming the victim: Canadian law, causation, and residential schools

Journal: A Cultural Approach to a Canadian Tragedy: The Indian Residential Schools as a Sacred Enterprise

Paper: Intimate colonialisms: the material and experienced places of British Columbia’s residential schools

Journal: Traumatic pasts in Canadian Aboriginal people: Further support for a complex trauma conceptualization?

Journal: The Scope and Bounds of Transitional Justice and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Paper: A Search for Justice in First Nations Communities: The Role of the RCMP and Community Policing

Article: Recruitment, selection and promotion of visible‐minority and aboriginal police officers in selected Canadian police services

Journal: Historical Trauma, Race-based Trauma and Resilience of Indigenous Peoples: A Literature Review

Article: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States

Report: Aboriginal Policing in Canada: An Overview of Developments in First Nations

Website: First Nations in Canada

Book: Canada and the Aboriginal Peoples 1867-1927

Fact Sheet: Key Moments in Indigenous History

Journal: Indigenous Peoples of Canada and their Rights in the Modern Jurisprudence An Overview

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Fact Sheet: The Indian Act Timeline

Textbook: A Short History of Aboriginal Education in Canada

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