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Report: Exploring Internal Child Sex Trafficking Networks Using Social Network Analysis

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Report: Trafficking of Women and Children for Sexual Exploitation in the Americas

Textbook: Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States

Textbook: Responding to Child Victims of Human Trafficking

Journal: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Sex Trafficking

Article: Psychological Impact of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery Worldwide: Empowerment and Intervention

Fact Sheet: Teen Sex Trafficking

Article: 13 Sex Trafficking Statistics That Put The Worldwide Problem Into Perspective

Paper: Invisible Women: Examining the Political, Economic, Cultural, and Social Factors that lead to Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery of Young Girls and Women

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Study: Modern day slavery and the sex industry: raising the voices of survivors and collaborators while confronting sex trafficking and exploitation in Manitoba, Canada

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Paper: Modern-Day Comfort Women The U.S. Military, Transnational Crime, and the Trafficking of Women