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Report: Trafficking in persons in Canada, 2016

Report: From Heartbreaking to Groundbreaking (Found under the Anti-Trafficking drawdown)

Report: “No More”: Ending Sex Trafficking in Canada, A Report of the National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada (Found under the Anti-Trafficking drawdown)

Article: Facts and Myths about Sex Trafficking in Canada

Report: Peel Institute on Violence Prevention Human Trafficking in Canada, Ontario, and Peel

Report: Myths, Facts and Statistics

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Testimony: Ashton Kutcher’s testimony for the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

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Report: An Introduction to Human Trafficking: Vulnerability, Impact and Action

Brief: Human Trafficking: The Government’s Strategy

Journal: Human Trafficking: What is the Role of the Health Care Provider?

Fact Sheet: Trafficking in human beings

Article: The Hard Truth About Human Trafficking

Training Manual: Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery

Journal: Combating Trafficking in Person: A Case Study of Nigeria

Paper: Human Trafficking in Western Europe: A Comparative Public Opinion Study of Fifteen Nations

Report: Methodological Challenges in Empirical Studies on Human Trafficking

Journal: Canada’s Contribution to the First Worldwide Study of Human Trafficking

Paper: Forced Labour and Human Trafficking: Estimating the Profits

Report: ILO Minimum Estimate of Forced Labour in the World

Study: Forced Labour and Migration to the UK

Journal: Vulnerability to Forced Labour and Trafficking: The case of Romanian women in the agricultural sector in Sicily

Paper: Hyper-precarious lives: Migrants, work and forced labour in the Global North

Paper: Legal aspects of trafficking for forced labour purposes in Europe

Study: Trafficking for Forced Labour and Labour Exploitation in Sweden

Report: Confronting root causes: forced labour in global supply chains

Report: Forced Labour, Slavery and Poverty Reduction: Challenges for Development Agencies

Study: Forced labour and rural resistance in the tobacco farms in Nampula Province: a history of rural change in Mozambique

Paper: A Critique of Global Policy Approaches to ‘Forced Labour’

Report: Forced Labour in North Korean Prison Camps

Study: Trafficking in Human Beings for Forced Labour: A Saudi Arabia and UK Comparative Legal Study

Report: Trafficking in Persons Report 2020