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Category: Work & Capitalism

Interpersonal, Work & Capitalism

Why you should find a hobby 

On average, far fewer women have hobbies than men. There’s a reason for that. Globally speaking, the unpaid domestic labour that women do annually is valued at over ten trillion dollars. Women spend almost four and a half hours a day completing this form of…

Work & Capitalism

How a universal basic income could save America 

Universal basic income has a few different names depending on what country you were speaking about. But the concept behind it remains the same. In short, it is a guaranteed income for every citizen regardless of their job income or their gender.  The only factor…

Work & Capitalism

Why Trump’s racism should concern his racist base 

TRIGGER WARNING Racism, sexism, classism Many Trump supporters will defend his racism by praising his politics. Which are not even mediocre on the best of days. Naturally, saying this is not a strong position to take in an argument is an understatement. Nevertheless, Trumpers use…

Work & Capitalism

Why The Wage Gap Is Not a Myth 

The figure used to articulate that there is, in fact, a wage gap varies by source. While everyone who understands the issue agrees there is a gap, what the exact figure is has not reached a consensus.  The problem with the wage gap issue is…

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