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Category: Mental Health

Healthcare, Mental Health

The problem with “mom bods” 

There’s a stigma around having a “mom bod,” but why? There’s nothing wrong with pregnancy, or delivery, or breastfeeding. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with post natal recovery, whatever that looks like physically and emotionally. Shaming others about things they cannot easily change about themselves really…

Mental Health

Does likeability matter? 

Be honest, how often have you worried about your likeability? Why do we hold ourselves to a more rigid standard than we hold others? Isn’t it interesting how we can so easily build other people up and tell them all the ways and reasons why…

Healthcare, Mental Health

How to defeat the strongest pro-life argument 

TRIGGER WARNING Abortion This is a portion of an in-depth article.  There are strong arguments presented by anti-choice feminists who do not lean on religion or emotional logic. Rather they leverage socioeconomics and cultural norms to propose that abortion is not part of women’s empowerment….

Disability, Mental Health

The head cold called Depression 

Major Depression will impact over 3 million Canadians in their lifetime. And for Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24, at least 11% of them have already experienced depression. Afganistan has the highest rates of depression with almost 8 million Afghans reporting experiencing it….

Mental Health

To shave or not to shave? 

Shaving is a time consuming endeavor for anyone who participates in it. Especially if they seek to maintain smooth, hairless skin daily. A patriarchal society does cause you to consider if the beauty standards you participate in are ones you genuinely want to be a…

Interpersonal, Mental Health

Why do you eat like that? 

TRIGGER WARNING Eating disorders Most of us were taught unhealthy eating habits from childhood. Mine was: you can’t leave the table until you finish your plate. This naturally led to a precarious relationship with food. Consequently, it’s taken me years to cultivate one that’s more…

Interpersonal, Mental Health

How emotionally intelligent are you? 

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can take a lifetime to fully develop. It’s important to understand common manipulation tactics and their use. This can help you better avoid engaging with people who use them. It can also shed light into your own emotional responses…

Abuse & Assault, Mental Health

Why You Have Low Self Esteem 

TRIGGER WARNING Childhood abuse and trauma Why do so many adults suffer from low self-worth and low self-esteem? That can’t possibly be something that happens overnight as we enter adulthood. Could emotional abuse be the explanation? With that in mind, it made sense to me…

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