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Category: Healthcare


The benefits of breastfeeding 

The misogyny around breastfeeding is generally shifting to becoming socially unacceptable. We understand that babies need food to grow and that they’re hungry when it suits them, not when it’s convenient. We also understand that women don’t exist solely as sexualized objects. Nor do they…

Healthcare, Mental Health

The problem with “mom bods” 

There’s a stigma around having a “mom bod,” but why? There’s nothing wrong with pregnancy, or delivery, or breastfeeding. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with post natal recovery, whatever that looks like physically and emotionally. Shaming others about things they cannot easily change about themselves really…


5 common pro life arguments & why they’re wrong 

TRIGGER WARNING Abortion There are many arguments the pro life community uses to justify their stance on abortion and why it should be made illegal. However, each one of those arguments can be refuted with science and practical thinking. Pro life is synonymous with anti…

Healthcare, Mental Health

How to defeat the strongest pro-life argument 

TRIGGER WARNING Abortion This is a portion of an in-depth article.  There are strong arguments presented by anti-choice feminists who do not lean on religion or emotional logic. Rather they leverage socioeconomics and cultural norms to propose that abortion is not part of women’s empowerment….


Top 3 feminist pro-life arguments & how to counter them 

Globally, 25% of pregnancies are terminated via abortion. As a result, abortion is an issue that impacts a large portion of the population. Of people who have obtained abortions, they typically cite 2-4 reasons for their choice. These reasons include: Not wanting any additional children…


Why your anti-abortion arguments don’t work 

Anti-abortion arguments are flawed for a number of reasons. Admittedly, some of them sound convincing at first glance. However, it’s helpful to examine specifically why they don’t hold water. A common defense I hear from anti-choicers is that the fetus can feel pain….well, 98%+ of…


Period poverty: a global issue 

Period poverty impacts girls and women around the world. In fact, over half a billion experience period poverty each month. This leads to other human rights issues from education, to health complications to child marriage and domestic abuse. The term period poverty refers to the…

Healthcare, Interpersonal

When are you having kids? 

TRIGGER WARNING Fertility struggles When I got married, the first and only thing people wanted to ask me about was when I was having a baby. No one asked my new husband that. Not once.But no one asked me about anything else. Not about how…

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