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Author: Mackenzie Ross

Interpersonal, Mental Health

Why do you eat like that? 

TRIGGER WARNING Eating disorders Most of us were taught unhealthy eating habits from childhood. Mine was: you can’t leave the table until you finish your plate. This naturally led to a precarious relationship with food. Consequently, it’s taken me years to cultivate one that’s more…


Period poverty: a global issue 

Period poverty impacts girls and women around the world. In fact, over half a billion experience period poverty each month. This leads to other human rights issues from education, to health complications to child marriage and domestic abuse. The term period poverty refers to the…


Mark Zuckerberg & ableism 

TRIGGER WARNING Ableism No one talks about the ableism involved in how we collectively make fun of Mark Zuckerberg. People often talk about how he’s not human because he “has dead eyes” and “never blinks.” There’s tons of memes equating him to a lizard or…


Why we need to normalize platonic intimacy in the West 

TRIGGER WARNING Homophobia One thing that pleasantly surprised me when I moved from Canada to China was the platonic intimacy here. It refocused my perspective on how homophobia manifests in the West. Specifically Canada and the US, and how touch starved and lonely most people…

Abuse & Assault

About those false rape allegations… 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault We need to talk about false rape allegations. But it won’t be the conversation you’re used to hearing. These are some of a number of reasons why I have formed a pretty unpopular position when it comes to sexual assault…


The value of sleep & spoons 

Sleep is a basic need that is overlooked. In a “rise and grind,” ableist culture, there’s a lot of pressure to always be busy. Being tired, constantly overworked, and always be running from one thing to the next are viewed as points of pride. Sleep…

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