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Author: Becca Harris

Climate Crisis

Why veganism is an intersectional feminist issue 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism From a purely economic standpoint animals are incredibly expensive to grow. 50% of the world’s antibiotics are used for animals. 91% of deforestation is for animal agriculture. There are more statistics but I’m sure you understand…

Abuse & Assault

How rape culture thrives in the West 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault Time and time again I talk to people who deny that there is a rape culture in The West. This is because their expectation of what it looks like versus the reality of what it actually is are two…


What qualifies as a slur? 

Slurs are complicated terms for the groups intimately linked to them. Before we dig in too far, let’s start with a definition of the term. ADL defines the word as being, “an insulting, offensive or degrading remark, often based on an identity group such as…

Law & Policing

The problem with religion 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, Islamophobia, assault, abuse, sexual assault, racism Religion, specifically Islam, and law have a tumultuous recent history in Canada. It’s a complicated issue. Sharia law in Ontario is a controversial topic for many Canadians, both Muslim and non. I disagree with Sharia…


Recognizing Rainbow Capitalism 

Rainbow Capitalism (also called Pink Capitalism) sounds much more innocent and positive than it is. It calls into question the authenticity of the support brands lend when the rainbow flags come out for 30 some odd days and then fade away into the background until…

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