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Author: Anonymous Author

Abuse & Assault, Interpersonal

Who’s responsible for our rape culture? 

TRIGGER WARNING Assault, abuse, sexual assault We’re conditioned to believe that someone’s outward appearance is a reflection of their inward value. This has been a convenient way to permit and often encourage or support the mistreatment of people, often times women. It is also one…

Law & Policing

The American justice system is legalized, lethal racism 

TRIGGER WARNING Mass murder, assault, abuse, racism Let’s talk about the justice system in America. More specifically, the prison system. It would be a mistake to call the system a broken one. It isn’t. It’s working exactly how WP in positions of power designed it to; by…

Disability, Mental Health

The head cold called Depression 

Major Depression will impact over 3 million Canadians in their lifetime. And for Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24, at least 11% of them have already experienced depression. Afganistan has the highest rates of depression with almost 8 million Afghans reporting experiencing it….


American people of color aren’t hyphens 

The whiteness of our world is implied by the lack of addressing it. Have you ever wondered why we call white people ‘white people’ but for every other race we specify where their peoples originated? Why don’t we refer to WP as European-Americans? Or British-Americans?…

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