Just because it’s the way things are, doesn’t mean it’s the way they should be.

Our purpose

This blog is about exploring human rights issues through the lenses of oppression and privilege. Yes, it will get uncomfortable at times as we learn and grow. However, this is a place where there are no bad questions and ignorance is an opportunity, not an embarrassment. On this blog, we encourage and support the feminist journey of everyone. We understand both personal growth and acquiring knowledge are processes that are never completed and ever-evolving.

If you are: 

✅  interested in exploring issues around equality and human rights

✅  looking to grow in an environment free of judgment

✅  overwhelmed by all there is to learn about intersectional feminism

✅  seeking credible sources to learn from

✅  hungry to self reflect and work on your personal growth

✅  looking for an online community you can engage, connect and grow with

This blog is for you, welcome!

About the blog’s creator, Kellie

Hi and thanks for checking out our blog!

It took me a few years to start this blog and getting here was a slow road. The journey technically started when I realized there was no one in my life I could talk to about human rights issues.

No one I knew wanted to discuss things like the wage gap and whether or not it existed. Or why Black people were more likely than white people to be arrested for the same crime. Or why people opposed bodily autonomy for kids, cis women, and trans men.

And on and on the list went. There were lots of questions and thoughts I wanted to express, but no one to explore them with. My other roadblock was that I had no idea where to start educating myself further on these issues.

The beginning

I went online and sought out people who either knew more than me or vehemently opposed my beliefs. This was paired with conducting my research by exploring credible resources. I learned a lot about having a willingness to actively listen, asking probing questions, self-reflecting, and changing opinions when it made sense to do so.

It was not pretty in the beginning, there were a lot of growing pains, but over the years that followed, I was able to shape my opinions on a multitude of issues. At the same time, I strengthened my wealth of knowledge, actively expanded my resource library, and cultivated an online community full of individuals looking to grow from each other.

A pivotal moment

It was right around that time that the moment felt right to shift gears and create a resource base for people who presently found themselves in the same situation I had. Individuals who were hungry for discourse, personal growth, and a supportive online community. This was when I moved my research, sources, and curated content to Pinterest amalgamated my online group chats onto Discord and launched this blog.

If you’re like me, your intention is to gain as much knowledge as possible because you know that puts you in a position to better advocate for equity for everyone. I’m a firm believer in self-education and taking responsibility for your own learning. But I also know from first-hand experience that it’s beneficial to do that with someone who can help you navigate. That’s where I come in. I’m here to save you a ton of hassles and headaches along your feminist journey!

The next step

If you’re ready to get started click here. Don’t forget to follow our socials down below and if you’d like to join the discussion on Discord, email us and we will happily send you an invite. In the comments below, I’d love to know what led you to our blog and what you’re most excited to learn more about within feminism.